”VALO oli ainut, joka aidosti vastasi joustavan työtilan tarpeisiimme”

Nate & Sanna Kariniemi ovat käyttäneet VALOn työtiloja muutettuaan Suomeen Yhdysvalloista. Nate kertoo haastattelussa englanniksi parin joustavasta tila- ja palvelutarpeesta.

Introduce yourself in a couple of sentences.

”Hello – I am Nate Kariniemi. I work in banking and investments. My wife Sanna works for a private equity-owned portfolio company, executing human resources and talent acquisition strategies in a high-growth environment.”

How did you hear about VALO?

”We have many personal and professional relationships in the Helsinki area. When we began regularly travelling between the US and Finland we asked for recommendations and VALO was the most recommended – both for the hotel and the workspace.”

Why did you choose VALO Work for your workspace?

”VALO was the only option that truly met our requirements for flexible office space. In the US we have many nice office spaces, gyms, spas and business meeting areas. VALO is unique in how everything is in one place to create productive and exciting workspaces.”

”I would recommend VALO Work for all types of businesses that need to provide workspaces for various numbers of employees. VALO has created efficient and interesting workspace options at a level of investment that works for your business needs. Additionally, VALO provides flexibility and the option to scale up to more space or additional facilities as needed.”

VALOn filosofia on luoda tiloja ja palveluita, jotka ovat käytössä 24/7. Nate & Sanna ovat laittaneet filosofiamme testiin, ja työskentelevät VALOn tiloissa klo 15-23 – siis täysi yhdysvaltalainen työpäivä Suomen ajassa.

  • Joel Hirviniemi

  • Marketing Manager