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Roni Tran enjoys working at VALO Work’s spaces

“Good customer service has had a big impact on my overall experience. VALO has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that I can always rely on for assistance,” says Pliant’s Sales Manager Roni Tran, who has been working regularly at VALO Work since last summer.

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Kaukinen Consulting recommends VALO Work as a flexible workspace solution

“I recommend the service, especially for those who don’t want to commit but use an office space or co-working space whenever they feel like it. VALO has given me wonderful moments, and a big thanks for that!”

In VALO’s latest customer interview, Julia Kaukinen, the entrepreneur of Kaukinen Consulting, shares her experiences with VALO Work’s services.

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Smart Set is a business that started at VALO Work

“Many customers and partners who came to the meeting have been so impressed with VALO that Work’s services have immediately become a viable option for them as well.” VALO Work’s customer interview this time features Smart Set, a company that started its journey at VALO.

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Creativ’s experiences with VALO Work

“The aesthetics of the premises, the VALO Wellness area with saunas and swimming pool, the rooftop and my own office room are things that I value at VALO. The VALO Work staff deserves a special mention; they are a really professional and approachable group! ” Virpi Mölsä, the entrepreneur of Creativ and Beautybic, takes her turn in VALO Work’s customer interview.

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Unie’s experiences with VALO Work’s facilities

Unie, specializing in hybrid and virtual events preparation, is one of the most active VALO Work workspaces users and also one of our partner companies. In this interview, the CEO, Jarno Wuorisalo, shares his own experiences with VALO Work’s facilities.

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