Lakihelppi uses VALO Work’s services with serial tickets

One of the newer customers of VALO Work, Lakihelppi is a technology startup which brings law services easily accessible to everyone. In this customer interview, one of the founders of Lakihelppi, Johanna Tolppola, shares her experiences with VALO Work.


With Lakihelppi, different kinds of customers can get legal help easily, cheaply and quickly without making an appointment. The service connects the customer with a lawyer who fits their needs so that the customer doesn’t have to spend time and effort looking for legal help.

Lakihelppi’s Johanna Tolppola and her business partner Katariina Ruuskanen ended up at VALO in Helsinki’s Ruskeasuo about half a year ago.

“VALO’s location was good for our needs when we were looking for remote workplaces. We wanted a place that is easy to get to by public transport and own car. VALO’s facilities were comfortable and suited our needs well,” describes Johanna Tolppola.

Lakihelppi has especially utilized the flexibility of VALO Work’s services:

“We have used co-working spaces with serial tickets because we do not have a permanent need for space at this stage.

We have also utilized the meeting facilities for both our internal and external meetings. In co-Working mode, we have utilized, e.g. a quiet workspace where I have been able to work at a high-quality workstation with a separate screen.”

Tolppola has been quite satisfied with the office space option, which is always available when needed.

“At the moment, the service meets exactly our needs. We get to use the facilities when we have a need. I recommend VALO Work to others as well. There are comfortable spaces here that are suitable for many different purposes.”

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Main image of the article:  on the left is co-founder, lawyer Katariina Ruuskanen and on the right another co-founder Johanna Tolppola. When the picture was taken, Lakihelppi had just published that they had received an invitation to Silicon Valley to develop Lakihelppi for the international market.