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Wellness area

Towels are included in each room category at VALO Hotel. Comfort and Deluxe room types also include bathrobes and slippers. For Smart Room types and as a Work member, a bathrobe and slippers can be redeemed at the hotel reception for € 10 (VAT included).

Use of the wellness areas is included in all booking rates for the Comfort and Deluxe rooms. Smart room bookers and Work members can book a visit to the wellness area for € 20 per person. You can visit the wellness area in more detail from this link.

The gym is part of the wellness area, so access to the gym is included in all Comfort and Deluxe room bookings. Visitors who are staying in Smart rooms, can book the gym area as a paid service. Use of the gym is also subject to VALO Work memberships with certain restrictions.


Yes, depending on the space, either through room service or by contacting our staff at reception.

Yes, through the room service.

Yes, through room service.

You can take advantage of the benefits of your membership by showing your VALO App on your mobile phone at checkout or to your staff.

All VALO Hotel & Work Helsinki restaurant services are at your disposal, including room service. VALO Work members have changing restaurant benefits from, for example, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

VALO BISTRO ELO and Lounge & amp; Bar SUO are casual meeting places with fresh, Nordic flavors.


The workroom varies depending on availability and the type of space you choose. A specific room number cannot be booked separately.

You can use several different rooms during the day. The charge is based on the membership type and our price list. For example, you can use the full-time Smart Office and book two hours of meeting space in the Comfort Classroom during the day without freeing up your office for others. In this case, there would be no additional charge for the Smart Room, but there would be a two-hour charge for a separate Comfort Room.

Yes, you can. You can book many rooms at the same time through the VALO App.

The room can be freed from the VALO App from the same view, which controls, for example, the users of the office and the climate. It would be a good idea to make the room available to others as soon as it is no longer used during the same day. In the case of hourly billing, the fee is charged according to the usage, otherwise the space is charged according to the daily price.

The office is booked with the VALO App. The user can immediately reserve a room from the available rooms to suit their needs using convenient speed dialing and filtering functions. When booking, the booker can choose which other VALO members have the right to use the same space.

You don’t need to. VALO Work offers a wide variety of workspaces for different needs, and in most cases members can make a reservation just when they need a workspace. It is also possible to reserve space in advance to ensure that the space for the desired room category is available at a specific time.

Cancellations for future bookings must be made by the end of the day before the booking. Reservations are canceled primarily with the VALO App, but you can also cancel from our reception: 010 340 4002.

Space reservations are made primarily with the VALO App, but you can also do so if necessary at the VALO Work reception on the 2nd floor, open on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm. If you arrive at other times, please contact the hotel reception on the first floor of the VALO.

Location and arrival

There are 20 charging points for electric cars in the parking garage.

There are 155 guest parking spaces, including 20 electric car charging points, as well as bicycle parking and a garage with indoor access to VALO Hotel & Work on the premises.

VALO has its own paid parking garage. Driving to the parking garage happens from Nauvontie 10. There are 155 customer parking spaces, including 20 electric car charging points, as well as bicycle parking spaces. The parking garage has smooth access to the interior of the VALO Hotel & Work on the premises.

Work member parking at the business location:
  1. Take the entrance ramp onto Nauvontie
  2. The barrier will recognize your registration number, open, and record your parking
  3. The barrier will recognize your registration number when you leave.

Get a business location by entering the car’s registration number and your company name in our e-mail and we will connect you to the business location.

Parking without a business parking slot:
  1. Take the entrance ramp onto Nauvontie
  2. Take the parking ticket off the barrier and drive in
  3. Pay for parking in the parking garage at the vending machine or at the hotel reception upon departure
Parking Price List:

Hour (1h) 3.30 € / Day (09.00 – 17.00) 12.10 € / Day (24h) 20.16 € / Month for Work member 200 €
Valid VAT is added to all prices.

Business account and application

Our billing term is 14 days and the billing period is one month.

The invoice may incur default interest or reminder fees in accordance with the company agreement.

You can change the payment method, company- and membership settings using the VALO App from the admin view. If you need advice and instructions, please contact our staff at the VALO Work reception:

+358 10 3400 4002
Work reception Mon-Fri 08-16, VALO customer service 24 h

In company contracts, invoicing as an option for payment. For other service purchases, a credit card.

Each VALO Work business needs to have at least one administrator. Each administrator can add or remove users and administrators using the VALO App.

All company settings and membership settings are managed from the VALO App administrator view.

In accordance with the Terms of Use: “You are responsible for all your personal insurances regarding work, accommodation, meals or other VALO Hotel & Work services needs, including responsibilities to third parties. ”

All space bookings made by members of the same customer company will be invoiced to the Work customer company in one invoice according to the billing period. All paid products and services purchased for a business invoice for that billing period are collected on the same invoice.

The VALO App is a mobile application that allows VALO Work customers to manage their space reservations, additional services and their memberships in VALO. The app is used with personal usernames.


The fee for booking facilities depends on the type of membership.

There is no notice period for an individual VALO Work membership and a Work Company Agreement. Upon termination, membership will remain in effect until the end of the billing period during which the termination occurs. If the membership type is increased during the billing period, the membership will be updated immediately. If the membership type is downgraded during the billing period, the higher membership will remain in effect until the billing period during which the downgrade type occurs.

We will be happy to tell you more about our reference program. Please contact

You can book some of the membership benefits directly from the VALO app. Displaying the VALO App also serves as a token of your membership in our restaurant, for example.

The VALO Work reception is located on the second floor of the hotel, which can be reached by stairs from the lobby of the first floor or by lift. You can ask for advice from our 1st floor reception, or call 010 340 4002.


  • LIGHT Work customer service: 010 340 4002
    (VALO’s customer service 24 hours a day, Work experts Mon-Fri 8 am-4pm)
  • Customer Experience and Sales Team: 010 340 4000 (open Mon-Fri 9 am-4pm)
  • LIGHT service reservations:
    Meetings, restaurant, conference catering, wellness: accommodation reservations
    Meeting and Event Reservations:
  • Contract matters:

Additional services

There are 20 charging points for electric cars in the parking garage.

Yes, you can book room service via the VALO tablet in the room. Room service is always subject to a fee and can either be paid for immediately or added to the company’s invoice if the subscriber has the right to invoice the company’s account.

The postal service is part of the Virtual Office product, which costs € 100 / month per company + VAT.

The virtual office is an additional service that enables the transfer of a postal and visiting address to VALO Work. Please contact us to transfer your postal address to:

Using the work spaces

You can send your work to your personal secure print queue:

  1. Send the document to be printed to Supported file formats are .pdf and Microsoft Office documents
  2. Once you identify yourself to the printer with your Light Pass ID, you can print the documents you want from the secure print queue

NOTE! When you print for the first time, you must give the printer your temporary identification code. Members have been sent an identification code from

The Work membership includes 100 sheets of black and white prints (80 g / m2 on paper) per month. For other printing jobs, we charge a fee according to the price list on the company’s monthly invoice.

  1. Join the “VALO Work” wireless network (password provided to Work members)
  2. Install the printer:
    1. Open the Windows Explorer window (for example, by double-clicking “My Computer”)
    2. Open the network share and select srvprnuf01
    3. Sign in to the network share using the IDs shown in the image:
    4. A window with the content “SecurePrint” will appear

VALO Work members’ lockers can be found on the 2nd floor in the corridors behind the Work Lounge and in the creative and quiet common area. Almost all of the 2nd floor lockers are for day use. Only a relaxed Creative space where you will find e.g. beanbag chairs, lockers are intended for long-term use.

Only one locker can be used free of charge at a time. Ask more about obtaining long-term storage at the VALO Work reception on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm on 010 3400 4002.

  1. Show the key tag on the lock. The lock flashes green.
  2. Turn the lock lever counterclockwise. The lock light turns red.
  1. Show the key tag on the lock. The lock flashes green.
  2. Turn the lock lever clockwise. The drawer door opens.

Whenever you book a room for yourself, or change your Reservations related to the premises, the key tag should be used with update points. By using your tag with update points, you update your pass and your key goes to the workspace of your choice.

Update points:
Update points include the 2nd floor VALO Work gates, the aisle door slides, and the VALO Work reception counter tag reader. If you select a workspace for yourself before entering the VALO Work modes, the pass will be automatically updated when you pass through the VALO Work ports on the 2nd floor.

Please note that elevator tag readers are not upgrade points. So if you’re a flexible member, you can’t take the elevator up from the parking garage directly to the second floor or higher, but you have to go to the workspaces through the first floor and tag update points.

You have an additional display in almost every LIGHT Work mode. The creative space and study rooms have large fixed screens, and the quiet common space has additional screens that can be moved.


Connecting with an HDMI cable:

  1. Connect the HDMI cable to your computer
    Depending on the type of room, the cable can be found on the wall next to the desk or sofa.
  2. If necessary, the cable is also available from the VALO Work reception on the 2nd floor from 8 am to 4 pm.
  3. If the TV does not wake up automatically, turn on the TV and select “View Your Own Content”
  4. Select HDMI 1 as the source on the remote control
Creative Mode

You can connect your computer to the monitor with the HDMI cable that comes pre-attached to the monitors.

Quiet common area to focus

In silent sleep mode, the computer connects to additional monitors either by connecting the computer to the ThinkPad with a USB-C cable or directly to the monitor with a USB-C or HDMI cable. USB-C cables can be found in the connection of the monitors. The HDMI cable (and, if necessary, the USB-C cable) can be obtained from the LIGHT Work reception on the 2nd floor from 8 am to 4 pm.

You can find the multifunction printer on the second floor of the Work common areas opposite the Naava meeting room.

If all the premises in the common area are occupied, we will try to find a replacement space in the VALO property.

Shared workspaces are only available to members who have a valid access to the area.

The displays can be found in a peaceful work space designed for work that requires concentration.

Depending on the room model, there are 4-8 sockets. The number of sockets is proportional to the size of the office or room.

Yes, you can.

You can import your own supplies within the limits allowed by the Terms of Use. Personal belongings must be taken with you whenever you leave the workspace.

Shared workspace- and full members can use the lockers for storaging their items. Ask more about the rental at the reception of VALO Work on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm at +358 10 3400 4002.

All workrooms must be emptied from your personal items at the end of the working day. If you forget your own belongings in the room, you should ask at the reception the next day. Shared workspace and full members can use VALO Work drawers for storage. Ask more about the rental at the reception of VALO Work on weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm at +358 10 3400 4002.

Yes you can, each work room also has its own shower.

Each work room has an electric kettle and instant coffee and tea.

Each workroom has adjustable lighting to suit your personal needs. Lighting controls can be found in the VALO App and inside the room.

Each room has excellent, adjustable air conditioning. Room automation allows users to adjust the room temperature and ventilation intensity. Adjustments can be found in the VALO App and inside the room.

All workrooms are exceptionally well soundproofed. There is a thick stone wall against traffic noise, the walls between the rooms are double-framed decibel walls, which do not have, for example, electrical wires running through the walls or other penetrations that degrade sound insulation. The door to the room facing the hallway is very soundproof.

We always strive to allow flexible working hours in your work rooms so that you can leave the room according to your own schedule. If, due to the availability of rooms, the workroom has to be vacated after the end of office time, we will try to arrange a replacement work space from the VALO property. The VALO Work reception is open on weekdays from 08:00 to 16:00.

All VALO Hotel & Work’s working rooms function well as both private workrooms and meeting spaces. There are three types of rooms: Smart, Comfort and Deluxe. You can also book rooms hourly from the VALO application and at the VALO Work reception.

In a standard office space reservation, the room will be available to the booker as soon as the reservation is made. The pass will be updated to your key immediately.

Shooting in a public place is usually allowed. Although the photographer unquestionably owns the copyright / related rights to photographs taken in a public place, the subjects of the image may have the right to restrict the publication of the images under privacy law. However, be sure to ask your target audience if sharing images is allowed for them.

You can also use #valowork when publishing on social media.

LIGHT Work areas are allergy-free, so pets are not allowed. If you have any questions about this, please contact us by phone: 010 340 4002 (VALO customer service 24 hours, Work reception Mon-Fri 8-16)

Hotel services

There are 20 charging points for electric cars in the parking garage.

Additional services included in VALO Work’s membership can be found on the membership pages. In addition, we offer our members additional paid services related to, among other things, work, accommodation, events, meetings, restaurants and parking.

Couldn’t find an answer to your question? You can always contact us on:

+358 10 340 4001
Open 24/7

Customer experience and sales team
+358 10 340 4000
Monday – Friday klo 9:00-17:00