Our Story | VALO Hotel & Work Helsinki

The story of VALO Hotel & Work started with one frustrated business traveller who wanted something better. Our founders couldn’t understand why business hotels, flexible offices and meeting centres had to be in separate buildings, forcing business travellers to zig-zag across town – especially when all services utilized nearly identical facilities and each facility was left empty while the others were in use. These headstrong building company owners thought up a way to bring a hotel, an office and a meeting facility into the same room. They innovated the first fully transformable hybrid room and a sustainable hybrid hotel around it.

To match their sustainable innovation, they built a new kind of hotel brand with responsibility at its heart. These precious values were considered in everything from building materials to furniture to operational models and even the company culture.

The end result is not just sustainable: it’s a more energetic hotel, a cosier office and a more connected meeting centre. It’s a new way of thinking about space. Sleep, work or relax, alone or together. Do anything you want; we’ve got you.

VALO Hotelli Helsinki turvallinen vierailu korona


A warm and cosy hotel for both business and leisure travellers. We believe in service, community and responsibility, and we are unabashedly Finnish.

VALO Workin toimitilat Helsingissä


Modern and stylish office and coworking space for businesses with flexible facility needs. We invest in diversity: our facilities support, privacy and focus as well as sociality and collaboration.

VALO Hotel Helsinki VALO Studio hybrid virtual events


VALO serves meetings & events experiences with beautiful and versatile facilities, easy online booking, modern technology and warm, welcoming service.