The story of VALO | A Hotel in Helsinki

The story of VALO Hotel & Work started with one frustrated business traveler, who wanted something better.

Behind VALO Hotel & Work is the story of an entrepreneur who travels a lot for work and could not understand why the same space could not be better utilized and used for more purposes. Traveling between the hotel and the coworking spaces seemed particularly pointless, knowing that both buildings were emptied alternately; why couldn’t everyone be in the same building around the clock?

VALO may look like an ordinary hotel or a modern coworking space, but thanks to its innovative facilities and services, it corrects big societal problems. The properties cover a significant part of Finland’s emissions, and in 2018, vacant business premises alone caused 42 thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Even full offices, business premises, and hotels are only in operation part of the day and the rest are empty.

VALO brings together a hotel and business premises that use the same facilities at different times, depending on what customers need. The end result is a service that is always in use. It’s a new way of thinking about space: work, focus, spar with your team or just get inspired. Alone or together. Enjoy the Finnish sauna or just sleep comfortably. Do anything you want.

VALO Hotelli Helsinki turvallinen vierailu korona


A warm and cosy hotel for both business and leisure travelers. We believe in service, community and responsibility, and we are shamelessly Finnish.

VALO Workin toimitilat Helsingissä


Modern and stylish office and coworking space for businesses with flexible space requirements. We invest in the diversity of workspaces – our spaces support both privacy and sociality, with a strong focus and collaboration.

VALO Hotel Helsinki VALO Studio hybrid virtual events


The wonderful meetings and events at VALO are much more than just beautiful and versatile spaces. Easy online booking, modern technology and great service from wellness to wellness extensions – VALO serves experiences.