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Offices and coworking spaces of tomorrow in Helsinki

VALO Work offers sustainable and stylish office and coworking spaces for businesses with fluctuating facility needs. In our workspaces, there’s room for privacy and community, for intense focus and collaboration alike. The location is easy to access, and our hotel, meetings & events, restaurants, and log saunas are included too.

VALO Work is the workspace of tomorrow, here and now. Welcome!



VALO Workin toimitilat Helsingissä

For Businesses

  • Tailor-made business packages
  • Workspace for every need
  • Pricing based on use, no rent deposits
VALO Hotel & Workin rento työ ja toimitila Helsingissä

Diverse Workspaces

  • Private office & meeting rooms for everybody
  • Coworking spaces for solo concentration & creative collaboration
  • Studios for remote meetings, recordings and broadcasts
VALO Hotel & Workin Smart-työhuone Helsingissä


  • Flex Membership: €249/mth/ppl (+ VAT)
  • Office Membership: €449/mth/ppl (+ VAT)


VALO Workin vastaanottoalue

VALO WORK Summer Campaign 3.6. - 31.7.2022.

Purchase VALO Work membership - get 1 free month

In honor of the summer, we launched the VALO Work summer campaign! By now acquiring a Flex or Office membership for a minimum of 3 months, you will receive the first month free of charge.

Business Sales and Customer Relationships

Want to hear more about VALO’s business services? Let’s look at the accommodation, meetings and premises that will suit your company. Contact us or book your own presentation time from our team’s online calendars. Let’s talk more soon!

Learn more about the VALO App

By becoming a VALO App user, you can get your access to VALO Work’s coworking spaces with just a single click


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Terawattin toimitusjohtaja Lasse Impiö

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“We have bought VALO Work serial tickets for our employees. The serial ticket is really good because we only pay for what is needed at any given time. The facilities are conveniently booked from the VALO App. ”

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Best Service in Town


  • Restaurant & lounge bar
  • Hotel & wellness area
  • Meetings & events
  • Parking garage & car rentals