VALO Meetings - Christmas party package


Available 11.11. – 14.12.2024


Minimum 20 persons.

Green salad & wine vinaigrette Ve, G Ve, G
Selection of herring, Baltic herring & roach L, G
Smoked salmon & pickled cucumber L, G
Christmas apple waldorf salad L, G
Roasted root vegetables & almond romesco Ve, G
Mushroom salad M, G
Charcoal-grilled lamb sirloin & cardamom yogurt L, G
Roe sandwich cake & colorful pickled vegetables L
Game pâté & “gin tonic” cranberries L, G
Christmas breads & whipped butter L
Traditional Christmas ham & mustard M, G
Dill butter potatoes L


The following main course options are available for buffets. Main courses are served with two side dishes in the buffet.
Please note that a unanimous main course should be selected for the event.

Whisky & juniper glazed salmon & porcini cream L, G
Slow-cooked veal entrecote & green peppercorn demi-glace L, G
Grilled turkey breast & sweet-sour poultry cream L, G


Farmhouse cheeses, jam & fruits L, G
Lemon pudding, raspberry & oat crumble L, G
Cake made from Valrhona Amatika chocolate & calamansi Ve, G
Marmalades, cookies & gingerbread Ve, L
Coffee and tea

We take into consideration pre-notified allergies and, to the extent possible, accommodate the most common special diets.
Please note that a unanimous menu should be selected for the event.

LF= lactose-free
GF = gluten-free
DF= dairy-free
Ve = vegan
(G) = available as gluten-free
(Ve) = available as vegan