VALO web app

Book VALO´s workspaces, hotel rooms and meeting spaces with a single click


The VALO web app allows you to easily book and manage workspaces, meeting facilities, and hotel stays. Registration is free, and each registered user gets a VALO key tag. Reservations made through the app are automatically updated to your VALO key.

You won’t need to download any app – it’s a web app!

  • Book & use workspaces without any commitment with day passes and serial tickets, or subscribe to a membership
  • Purchase & manage day passes, serial tickets and subscriptions
  • Claim a free trial day at VALO Work (including coworking spaces and an office room). Trial day is available for 30 days after registration.
  • Subscribed customers:
    • Manage reservations
    • Manage users
    • Reserve subscriber meeting facilities
VALO Hotel & Meetings
  • Book hotel stays to your VALO key
    Make the reservation by selecting “Hotel” in your app, and fill in your travel information. The app supplies the correct discount code automatically. The app will redirect you to our booking channels to finalize the reservation.
    Please note that reservations made through the web app are always under the name of the person who made the reservation, even when a different person is named as guest. You can also use VALO hotel without a VALO key.
  • Book meetings with an app discount
    Make the reservation by selecting “Meetings” and then “Continue” in your app. The app will redirect you to our booking channel where you can fill in your search terms. You don’t need to fill in any discount code, the system recognizes your app discount automatically.

Registration is free and fast!


App Member Benefits at VALO

  • Facilities with seasonal benefits and more!
Hotel stays
  • 10% extra discount on the cheapest daily flexible booking rate
  • Seasonal benefits


Using The Web App for VALO Workspaces

You can purchase all VALO Work monthly subscriptions, serial tickets, and day passes from the web app. Get your VALO key from our reception once you’ve registered and you’re ready to use our facilities and services.

The web app automatically shows day pass prices (first reservation is free for 30 days after registration). For more products, go to “Subscriptions & Serial Cards” in the menu.

Want a business package for a larger team?
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Start Using The App Now!

Register for free at, confirm your email and you’re good to go!


Want to use our workspaces? Get a VALO key tag at reception, make your first reservation in the web app and make your way to your workspace via elevators or stairs (key tag updates at the key tag readers).

Booking a hotel stay? Book it via the web app and you get the web app discount automatically. If you have a VALO key tag, the room key is added to it automatically after check-in. Use our elevators or stairs to access your room and the key tag updates at their key tag readers.