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Coworking & workspaces in Helsinki

At VALO Work’s offices and coworking spaces in Helsinki, each customer gets their own office room, which allows you to work from hotel. In our one person offices and meeting rooms you can have a truly safe workday. Our modern rooms are managed with a simple app and our smart system places coworkers near each other. As a our member you always have seven different room types to choose from.

Creative space

A quiet space with adjustable standing desks.

21 persons

Quiet Space

The quiet workspace guarantees peace of mind at work. In the quiet workspace, you can sit in an excellent office chair, adjust the electric desk and focus on your own work in peace.

21 persons

Work lounge

The core of the VALO community is the Work Lounge on the upper level of the auditorium stairs, which is open around the clock.

55 persons

Offices & meeting rooms

Smart – Office

In the Smart Single Room you will have a refreshing working day. In the room you will find a high-quality office chair and desk, complete silence, lots of natural light and a large screen that is really easy to connect to.

1 persons

Smart – Meeting rooms with sofas

This cozy little office with couch is perfect for attending remote meetings throughout the day, as well as attending webinars. In the room you will find a high quality adjustable laptop table, big screen connectors and ChromeCast and lots of natural light.

2 persons

Comfort – Office

In the homely atmosphere of the Comfort Triple, it is easy to unwind on your own team alone or together. In the room you will find a high-quality adjustable laptop table with a sofa, as well as ergonomic office chairs with an adjustable desk, large-screen connectors and ChromeCast, and plenty of natural light.

3 persons

Comfort meeting room with sofa

The Comfort meeting room with sofa and armchairs makes it easy to spend a meeting day. In the room you will find high-quality adjustable laptop tables, a large screen to which it is easy to connect your own machine and a lot of natural light.

6 persons

Comfort – Teamwork

Stylish team workspace for workshops and meetings

8 persons