Smart Set is a business that started at VALO Work

“Many customers and partners who came to the meeting have been so impressed with VALO that Work’s services have immediately become a viable option for them as well.” VALO Work’s customer interview this time features Smart Set, a company that started its journey at VALO.


What is Smart Set?

Smart Set offers ecological packaging solutions for food takeaway sales for events, restaurants and hotels. The company was founded by a duo of women – Essi Koivulahti and Leena Kauppi, who joined forces in 2021.

Both women are long-term professionals in their fields. Essi has extensive experience in the HoReCa business and its entire value chain. On the other hand, Leena has a deep knowledge of packaging and the international packing industry.

The first meeting got things rolling.

What is interesting about Smart Set’s journey so far is that the company’s story started at VALO Work, where the two women met each other for the first time in November 2020.

The joint business started a few months later, in February 2021.

“Leena and I didn’t know each other before, but we visited VALO for the first time in November 2020. Through our groups, we ended up at the same lunch table, where we got to know each other, and things started to roll. Smart Set’s business started thanks to this first meeting a few months later”, describes Essi Koivulahti.

Communality is reality

The Smart Set duo uses VALO Work’s facilities as their business’ premises even though the location isn’t particularly easy for either. Leena arrives at VALO from Kruunuhaka and Essi from Herttoniemi.

“The location is a bit challenging for both of us. But thanks to the style and functionality of the spaces, it is always nice to come to VALO and invite people here”, Leena Kauppi describes.

Essi Koivulahti agrees and also adds the communality factor of VALO Work.

“Thanks to the friendliness of the staff, it is always nice to come here, and that is also why we want to keep our office here. At VALO, the sense of community is realized very well.”

Modern facilities also apply to customers.

The facilities serve Smart Set’s many needs well. Among with this, the duo also wants to mention various familiar details about VALO. Bistro ELO’s praised buffet lunch and VALO Work’s host Jarkko Asikainen is worth mentioning.

The functionality of the whole complex is also indicated by the fact that VALO Work has immediately taken its place as a potential office space solution for the duo’s customers and partners.

“Many customers and partners who came to the meeting have been so impressed with VALO that Work’s services have immediately become a viable option for them as well,” says Essi Koivulahti.

Smart Set uses VALO Work’s services quite typically because, in addition to the office, the company also has team workspaces to which it is easy to invite customers and partners.

The use of space depends on the situation and need, but generally speaking, the duo uses VALO Work’s spaces at least twice a week.

Long-term customer recommends VALO Work.

Smart Set, which started operations at VALO in early 2021, is one of Work’s longest-standing customers. The two entrepreneurs who have been testing VALO Work’s office spaces for a long time know how to summarize why those considering a workspace solution should try VALO.

“I would like to highlight VALO’s versatility of facilities and services. Although neither of us has previous experience with a similar service, the pricing of the services is certainly competitive,” sums up Essi Koivulahti.

Leena Kauppi also highlights VALO’s unique architecture and interior design.

“The premises are designed for this kind of purpose (dual use of the premises) and were not converted from some other purpose of use to work. This is also clearly visible in the functionality of the premises.”

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