Unie’s experiences with VALO Work’s facilities

Unie, specializing in hybrid and virtual events preparation, is one of the most active VALO Work workspaces users and also one of our partner companies. In this interview, the CEO, Jarno Wuorisalo, shares his own experiences with VALO Work’s facilities.


About Unie

“Unie is Europe’s most experienced event virtualizer.

We help the customer understand what modern, inclusive events are and how interaction and the event experience can be improved with the help of technology. We specialize in the virtualization of events and hybrid implementations, and we choose the most suitable platform and participation services for events, regardless of technology.

We have implemented a large number of productions, from small webinars and workshops to international multi-day fairs, conferences, and seminars with thousands of participants. In addition to domestic organizations, we act as partners with many international clients and event agencies, such as the various operational units of the UN. Our customer base is extensive, from educational institutions to state administrations and from organizations to listed companies.

Our agile operating models enable flexible implementation of overall production and precise assistance for a specific part of production. You should always ask us! An important goal of our operation is to free up the client’s resources from technical work to content production, e.g. with the help of ready-made event concepts. As events become more technologically advanced, our certified experts provide invaluable assistance in all implementations.

Let’s create experiences together! ”

This is how CEO Jarno Wuorisalo, who is also an active user of VALO Work’s workspaces himself, described his company.

You can learn more about Unie’s services on their business website.

How did Unie end up at VALO Work?

The collaboration between Unie and VALO started about a year ago, when negotiations between the two businesses ended in a desired outcome. Along with usage of VALO Work’s facilities, Unie also became VALO’s partner in organizing events.

“We began planning the event collaboration in early 2021. As a result of one thing leading to another, we moved together in early fall 2021. From sales to implementation, we were an active partner in VALO’s event productions.”

Currently, seven Unie employees work on VALO’s premises.

How does VALO Work meet Unie’s needs?

In the case of Unie, the workspaces had to meet both the individual needs of the company’s employees and enable e.g. organizing events in the same premises where the company runs its other daily activities. VALO, which specializes in the versatile use of spaces, has been able to respond to Unie’s versatile space needs.

Unie’s operations were built during the COVID exemption period, so flexible remote work has been important to us from the beginning. From momentary use to day passes, study rooms and wider usage needs of different levels, Valo flexibly enables different needs. This suits us perfectly, because employees’ situations vary.

In addition to this, we produce a lot of our own events in VALO’s various facilities, which serve customers’ needs on a large scale, from small webinars to hybrid events for hundreds of people, where you can also use workspaces, accommodation, and (absolutely excellent) dining options. VALO’s location is also great for event productions. As a hybrid event agency, technology is important to us, and I remember a situation where you would have had to fight or be disappointed because of it.

In addition to the space solutions, VALO’s staff and the atmosphere inside the house also receive their own thanks.

In addition to the above, the house staff create their own important atmosphere both at work and elsewhere in the house. This is a bit like a big work community when you combine the people of work and VALO’s staff. You can easily get your own peace if you need it. ”

The CEO, who has used VALO’s facilities for a long time, gives a warm recommendation of Work’s facilities to others considering a workspace solution:

It’s definitely worth a visit, because it’s hard to give an adequate understanding of how good a place VALO can be by just talking. In Valo, an intimate work community is combined with flexible independent working, and if you’re working up a sweat in Teams, you can always take a shower in your own room before the next meeting!”

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