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Roni Tran enjoys working at VALO Work’s spaces

“Good customer service has had a big impact on my overall experience. VALO has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that I can always rely on for assistance,” says Pliant’s Sales Manager Roni Tran, who has been working regularly at VALO Work since last summer.


Pliant is a digital corporate credit card of the new generation that changes the payment habits of businesses, makes it easier to handle receipts, and reduces financial administration workload.

Roni Tran, who works as a sales manager in the company, ended up at VALO Work last summer after trying out many other coworking spaces in the area through the Spacent application.

“We use Spacent as a company, and after trying out a few co-working spaces, I felt like I needed my own office. I do sales work, so I’m on the phone and in web meetings with customers a lot, and running back and forth to phone booths is not very practical. Since the summer of 2022, I have regularly visited VALO Work.”

In addition to his office, Tran also uses many other services that are useful to Work members.

“I use the office the most, about 3-4 times a week. I also visit the wellness area about once a week. I also often have lunch at Bistro ELO and sometimes breakfast.”

Roni, who has had the opportunity to test many different coworking spaces, is satisfied with the service provided by VALO Work, where several different factors come to the fore.

“I have been very satisfied with the service. My commute is less than half an hour, and in addition, I get my own office (with an additional screen) and peace to focus on work. Sometimes I relax in the wellness area before starting my workday.”

In addition to the spaces that are well-suited for their purpose, the staff at VALO also receive praise, with whom Tran usually exchanges a few words when visiting the coworking area.

“Good customer service has had a big impact on my satisfaction. VALO has a friendly and knowledgeable staff who always help me when needed.”

Tran, who has been using VALO Work’s services for several months, also recommends the service to others who are considering workspace solutions.

“I would definitely recommend it. It’s a pleasant environment to be in and work. VALO has all the necessary services conveniently located under the same roof.”

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