Tips for a Successful Hybrid Workday

What is a successful workday like, what about a hybrid workday? What would be the day job of your dreams? We listed our tips for a successful hybrid working day at Valo Work facilities!


What is a successful workday like, what about a hybrid workday? What would be the day job of your dreams?

Almost every working person is sure to think about these things mentioned above. If you start with things you can influence yourself, then one is clearly the choice of premises. The premises must be flexible in hybrid work.

We listed tips for this hybrid day at VALO Work’s premises!

  • In VALO, you can start your work day energetically with a dip in a pool with or without working out in the gym. Added to this, log saunas are a clear plus.
  • You can change workspaces several times during the day or just pop in! VALO’s workspaces are designed with different work tasks in mind – live or live. You only pay for space based on your usage.
  • Hush! VALO’s facilities are very soundproofed. If you want to focus completely in your own peace, you can use the private study! You can book a study room for your convenience, where you will find coffee, tea and a private toilet and shower.
  • For many, the best time of the day may be a lunch break. At Bistro ELO’s lunch, you won’t be disappointed. ELO is located on the first floor of VALO.
  • In VALO’s communal premises (read next to the coffee machine) you will meet people from different fields and network if you wish. The coffee is also very good quality and has many options!
  • If you meet people during your work day, you don’t have to search for a meeting place! VALO acts as a great meeting place. You can book conference and meeting rooms conveniently online! For example, even the most demanding guests will enjoy a meeting room Naava.
  • Great studio facilities make it easy to stream your events or meetings to your employees, customers and other stakeholders.
  • And finally! If your leisure plans are open after a working day, you can enjoy VALO’s service by booking a hotel night , for a restaurant dinner or go for after work drinks at Bar SUO.

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