Responsibility and Transparency: VALO Operator Ltd’s Reporting Channel Procedure

At VALO, we are committed to the highest ethical standards and transparent operations. Responsibility is at the core of our business, and that’s why we have developed a reporting channel procedure to ensure that all our stakeholders have access to a secure and confidential reporting channel.

Significance of the Reporting Channel Procedure

The procedure is designed to provide a channel through which employees of VALO Operator Ltd and external stakeholders can confidentially report suspicions of misconduct or other rule violations that conflict with Finnish or EU legislation or our company’s internal guidelines.

What to Report and How?

We encourage you to report any detected misconduct or violations, such as fraud, illegal activities, unethical behaviour, or other non-compliant actions. Please note that the reporting channel is not intended for customer feedback or complaints. For non-misconduct-related inquiries, please send an email to

Processing and Confidentiality of Reports

Our reporting channel is encrypted and provides an anonymous way to raise concerns. The channel does not store information that would allow the reporter to be identified. Only authorized and trained personnel handle reports confidentially. If you reveal your identity, this information will also be treated confidentially.

Making a Report

Making a report is simple:

  1. Visit our reporting channel at
  2. Answer the survey questions

All reports will be handled appropriately and promptly, and if necessary, be reported to the competent authorities. All information is processed following applicable data protection legislation.

VALO Operator Ltd is committed to handling each report carefully and taking necessary actions to address misconduct.

Our Promise

We assure you of our commitment to openness and fairness in all our operations. Our reporting channel procedure is part of this effort, reflecting our desire to ensure that together, we can create a safer and fairer work environment.

Questions or concerns? Please get in touch with us, and we are ready to assist.

Best regards, VALO Hotel & Work Team