VALO App – hotel, meeting and workspace reservations from a single app

The VALO App, developed at VALO, solves challenges in hotel and business services.


VALO App | VALO Hotel & Work

VALO has been developing the VALO App passionately for several years. The goal of the VALO App is for our customers to be able to use all our services in the future with a single application. At the moment, you can easily book workspaces, meeting rooms, and hotel accommodation through the VALO App.

The VALO App is connected to the VALO key, which can be retrieved from our reception after you have registered yourself as our app user. When making a hotel reservation through the App, the reservation is combined with your key, which allows access to your own hotel room without having to deal with the reception. The same rule applies to workspace bookings.

VALO was designed for dual use, combining hotel and business services. Each VALO room functions as a study during the day. When the day turns into night, the room transforms into a homely hotel room. The dual-use concept also requires functionality in terms of technology.

The use of the services by VALO App users has been made as easy as possible. Each VALO App user can operate independently; reserve a suitable space for yourself, pay directly from the app, and move inside our premises on your own with the help of a key without queuing.