The members of Kasvuryhmä exchanged experiences about growth in VALO

“In Kasvuryhmä, it is important to offer community members inspiring, but at the same time sufficiently confidential environments to spar on important growth themes.” VALO’s this time customer interview features Kasvuryhmä, which has now organized two exciting events in VALO’s meeting and event facilities.


Adaptability to Kasvuryhmä’s various events

Kasvuryhmä is a community of companies exchanging €10 M and €1 MRD, where medium-sized companies’ growth, renewal and internationalization are accelerated through open peer sparring. Kasvuryhmä currently consists of around 260 medium-sized company owners, board chairmen, CEOs and managers responsible for significant growth projects.

“We got a tip about VALO’s modern facilities from Hannu Holma, a member of Kasvuryhmä and owner of SSA Group. The facilities fit perfectly with the concept and nature of our events.” Henna-Riikka Niiranen, the Community Coordinator of Kasvuryhmä, describes

VALO has a large customer base of growth-minded companies and business travelers, and the events of the Growth Group fit the premises well for that reason. Kasvuryhmä has also organized events in VALO’s open spaces, making their experiences available to other growth companies in Finland.

Two successful events already

In June 2022, Kasvuryhmä organized the community’s summer party event at VALO.

“At that time, we discussed the changes that an unstable operating environment brings to companies. The event was held in the wonderful staircase called Polku, and we continued with good food and small group discussions at Lounge & Bar SUO.”

The special event was not the only Kasvuryhmä at VALO, as the next one was already organized in early autumn.

“In September 2022, we organized Kasvuryhmä’s first Growth Day at VALO, where we delved into the issues of internationalization. The panel discussion on the Growth Day was also openly streamed for anyone interested in the theme.”

Impressive facilities, where people play the central part

Kasvuryhmä was impressed with the quality of the service as well as the versatility of the facilities.

“The facilities and arrangements worked well at VALO, and the food, in particular, garnered a lot of praise from those who participated in the event. The events of Kasvuryhmä consist of many kinds of pieces, which can be implemented well by combining different spaces. In larger discussions, you get the feeling of a “big event”, and in smaller spaces, you can create a more confidential environment to deepen the discussions.”

The next – to be organized at the end of the year – event of Kasvuryhmä will also be arranged at VALO.

“The next Growth Day will focus on companies’ radical ability to renew themselves, which also describes VALO’s overall concept well. Just like in premises, it is also important in companies to innovate, even radically, to remain competitive in the face of change and to create something new sustainably.”

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