Sachitha De Silva is VALO’s new Revenue Manager

Sachitha De Silva, our new Revenue Manager, began his career at VALO in March 2023. The new recruit brings with him a vast amount of international and interesting experience from many different sectors. In this employee interview, Sachitha tells about his history and how he ended up in VALO.


Interesting international background

“I didn’t begin my career in the hospitality sector. Unlike most people in my job, I began my career as a sales manager for several international corporations in the FMCG sector. I became aware of my aptitude for data analysis and working with numbers early in my professional life”, Sachitha De Silva describes.

After a long spell in the FMCG sector, “Sachi” saw himself ready for new challenges, this time in the hotel industry.

“After working in the FMCG sector for 12 years when Expedia Group engaged me in 2017 to expand their portfolio in the Maldives market. This was my first break in the hotel sector. I was in charge of the business growth of the Maldives market, which included more than 200 resorts.”

The new challenges also worked as an eye-opener, leading to another new area of work as De Silva accepted his first-ever job as a revenue and e-commerce manager.

“This provided me with a panoramic picture of the incredibly complex market. After two amazing years working for the Expedia Group, Pulse Resorts hired me in 2019 to oversee revenue and e-commerce for their largest property in The Maldives.”

Sachitha DeSilvaa was able to guide his new employer through the difficult pandemic period, which saw him also receiving a promotion as a reward for his success.

“Pulse Resorts promoted me to cluster head of Revenue and E-Commerce for a portfolio of five upscale resorts in 2021. I was heading revenue and E-commerce functions for Pulse Resorts till February 2023.”

“Sachi” also has an interesting history of international studies.

“I’m a Master in Business Administration from the University of West London, and I have a certificate in Hotel Revenue management from Cornell University.”

The move to Finland

Sachitha moved to Finland with his wife at the beginning of 2023. The recently arrived travel professional wanted to find a job in Helsinki. This also led Desilva to VALO, seeking a new Revenue Manager.

“I started looking for potential job prospects when we arrived, and I came across VALO’s job posting for a Revenue Manager. During my discussion with Mr Jarkko Härmälä (the current CEO of VALO Group Operator Oy), I was struck by the ide. I saww the chance to advance my career while being one of the forerunners in a notion that would change the business.”

His first impressions of his new employer and home country have both been positive.

“For me, every day is a new experience. The crew here is wonderful and friendly. Since I’m relatively new to the country, my initial impression of Finland and the team are similar and have a special place in my heart.”

A unique product brings challenges and opportunities

Sachitha sees VALO asan individuale and interesting product in the Helsinki hotel scene. This brings with it both challenges and opportunities.

“VALO is a product that is ahead of its time. Being a true hybrid hotel, with the possibility of every guest room converted to an office space in the daytime, opens up opportunities not available to conventional hotels. This uniqueness also necessitates a sophisticated analysis as well as a revenue-generating strategy that demands constant out-of-the-box thinking.”

Sachitha De Silva’s main aim with VALO is to help the business grow internationally.

“My long-term goal is to contribute to the shared vision of VALO being the new industry standard in hospitality and to take the VALO brand global.”