Innovative Hotel and Workspace Pioneer VALO Won the Finland’s Leading Hotel Award!

The Tourism Industry’s Oscars were presented on Friday, September 29th, in Batumi, Georgia, at the World Travel Awards competition.


Press release for immediate release on Saturday, September 30th.

Finnish innovation VALO Hotel & Work received recognition in the World Travel Awards 2023. The competition honours hotels worldwide in various categories. VALO’s representatives, Markus Peura and Viivi Tupamäki, received the “Finland’s Leading Hotel” award at the awards ceremony held in Batumi, Georgia, on Friday, September 29, 2023.

Traditionally, the competition has awarded hotels based on more conventional quality criteria, but now the travel industry also acknowledges genuinely sustainable and innovative concepts. VALO has recently received recognition for its sustainability in the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards competition.

VALO is the world’s first hybrid hotel that combines hotel and office space, with the core concept being dual-use spaces and adaptability. All hotel rooms can be converted into workspaces during the day according to the customers’ needs. Maximizing the use of the hotel building is both profitable and environmentally friendly because the CO2 emissions generated from room usage are distributed among multiple users. This way, the heated spaces in the property are not left vacant, and the hotel can achieve an occupancy rate of over 100%.

“VALO’s concept has proven its effectiveness as hybrid work becomes more popular and sustainability gains importance. When visiting here, you can sense a uniquely energetic atmosphere as the hotel also fills with office visitors during the daytime. In addition to being responsible, dual-use makes VALO a much more interesting and diverse place to spend time,” says Jarkko Härmälä, CEO of VALO.

What is VALO Hotel & Work?

VALO is the world’s first hybrid hotel that combines a hotel and office space. The core concept is dual-use of spaces and flexibility, where hotel rooms can be converted into workspaces during the day. Maximizing space utilization improves profitability with higher occupancy rates and enhances sustainability as emissions generated from space usage are shared among multiple users. VALO has received recognition in the form of BREEAM certification, Sustainable Travel Finland certification, and Green Key certification.

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