VALO Franchising

VALO Hotel & Work now offers their unique concept as a franchising model to real estate owners and operators. Whether you have an empty lot or a ready hotel or office building, it can be made into a VALO with the help of our team.

“Better occupancy, better RevPaR, better ADR.”


Successful and distinguished brand in a highly competitive market


One set of resources, two income streams


Project planning & implementation with the help of industry pioneers

Innovative Hybrid

Offices and hotels haven’t been keeping up with the times. They waste an astounding amount of energy and resources as they stand empty and idle waiting for customers.

This multi-use space and service concept enables true sustainable growth for real estate owners and offers sustainable options for customers.

Awards & Nominations


Dual-Use for The Win

Our hybrid rooms and space & service concept efficiently utilise all resources and meet the demnads of all customer segments. Since VALO spaces are in dual-use, i.e. in the use of different customer segments at different times, each service and space creates much more value within a day compared to traditional hotels and offices.

Dual-use conserves natural resources, energy and operational resources, and can produce double profits from the same square metres. Other services within the building also benefit from dual-use: Restaurants, parking and saunas see more customers at a steadier flow throughout the day.

The Sustainable Hybrid

2022 CO2: 2.95kg per customer
(Finnish Chamber of Commerce, scope 1 & 2)

  • Dual-use spaces & furniture innovations
  • Sharing services between several clienteles
  • Materials & best practices
  • Sustainable options and minimizing waste at restaurants
  • 100% green electricity & geothermal heating
  • Reducing energy consumption with smart systems

VALO Platform

VALO Platform is an up and running platform for booking hotel rooms, meeting facilities and workspaces, as well as managing dual-use spaces. It’s a combination of customised VALO software, third-party software, and property automation.

The platform is integrated with a locking system: hotel, meeting, and workspace reservations made through the web app are automatically transferred to the customer’s key in real-time.

Benefits of The VALO Franchising

Loyal clientele who are keen for new VALO properties in Finland and abroad

Sustainable hotel and office concept that is easy to get certified

World’s only dual-use real estate operating model ready to go

Additional Revenue 24/7

VALO hybrid spaces bring two completely different customer groups into the same space at different times and allows for double profits with one set of resources.

VALO is further enhanced by meeting spaces, restaurants, as well as well-being facilities and services that both hotel and office customers utilise at their own leisure, bringing in new revenue streams. With office and meeting services, VALO also reaches monthly billing customers.

“Hybrid hotels can reach a utilisation rate of over 100%!”

Our Story

The story of VALO Hotel & Work began when a frustrated business traveller was fed up with lousy hotel rooms, loneliness, and most of all running back and forth between hotels and offices.

They saw how similar hotel and office buildings were, and how one was always empty while the other was full.

By combining hotel and office services into one space you can create a more vibrant hotel and an office of a higher quality. A place with the most comfortable, functional and beautiful rooms, be it for accommodation or work.

Get in contact & start our collaboration


1. Contact us and get the ball rolling

2. Initial analysis of the project concept and the franchisee

3. NDA & get to know the concept better
After signing the initial NDA, you receive the extensive VALO concept material: Space, brand, technology, service & operation.
We start our collaboration in reviewing your property.

4. Preliminary plans and signing the franchising agreement

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