Office for 2 ppl

Work in peace and quiet

This harmonious and calm office for one makes concentrating on your own work ridiculously easy.

1 chair · 1 desk · 1 työpöytä · 1 työtuoli · 2 jakkaraa · 2 stools · 49" screen · 49″ seinänäyttö · Adjustable Air Conditioning · Adjustable Lighting · oma kylpyhuone suihkulla · Shower · tussitaulu · vedenkeitin · WiFi · Work and Hotel services via the VALO room tablet · Work- ja hotellipalvelut VALO-huonetabletilla

12 m2

For 1 person

39 €

+alv 24%

Smart päiväpassi

  • Desk & adjustable chair
  • 49” screen with HDMI cable and ChromeCast
  • Whiteboard
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Smart adjustable climate and lighting


Space to concentrate on your own work

Refreshingly easy workdays happen right here. There’s lots of natural light, a stylish desk, a comfortable chair and a screen that’s really easy to connect to. You can even jot down notes on a whiteboard right next to the desk. The stylish interiors are made with sustainable and Finnish materials. Each room has a water tap and a kettle as well as a pocket-sized bathroom with a shower.

You can adjust your room’s lighting, temperature and air flow to suit your mood, be it a little brighter lighting or a bit more heat for a winter evening. All our services, from room service to table reservations, are at your fingertips with the smart room tablets.

Connecting to the screen using HDMI cable:

  • Connect the HDMI cable to your computer
    Depending on the room you’re in, the cable will be attached to the wall by the desk or by the sofa. If needed, an HDMI cable can also be picked up from VALO Work reception on the 2. floor between 8AM and 4PM.
  • Turn on the TV and select “View Your Own Content”
  • Use the Input button on the remote to select HDMI 1

Connecting to the screen using ChromeCast:

  • Join the hotel wifi “Valo Guest”, no password required
  • Turn on the TV and select “View Your Own Content”
  • Follow instructions on the screen

Please note that ChromeCast only projects Google programs, such as the Chrome browser, and certain supported apps like Spotify.

On a business trip?

Every room at VALO can also function as a cosy hotel room. That means you can spend the night here as well, if you’d like. VALO Work members get special discounts for staying at the VALO Hotel. Read more about our hotel services at the Services page.