Work lounge

Work lounge

Work Lounge | Coworking Helsinki

Included in Flex and Office Memberships

55 people

  • Sofa sets with adjustable laptop tables
  • Bar Tables
  • Loossi-type seating groups
  • Phone booth
  • VALO Work Reception
  • Coffee machine, tea, cocoa and Thoreaux faucet

Aisle style encounters

The core of the VALO community is the Work Lounge on the upper level of the auditorium stairs, which is open around the clock. The room has an excellent Wi-Fi connection, an outlet for everyone, delicious coffee and a LIGHT Work reception. It is well suited for casual appointments, quick work and coffee breaks.

In the telephone booth on the plateau, you can take a quick call if necessary.

Purpose of usage

  • Meeting
  • Dinner
  • Workshop


  • SeatsSofa sets with adjustable laptop tables
  • TablesBar tables
  • Seating groupsCompartment type seating groups
  • Location2nd floor of VALO
  • ConnectingPhone booth
  • ReservationsVALO Work -reception
  • DrinksCoffee machine, tea, cocoa and Thoreaux faucet

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VALO Hotel & Work can adjust to every occasion: to full day meetings, to breakfast and lunch events, evening gatherings with saunas and even fair exhibitions.