Case SPOT: The First ‘Together, Apart’ Event in Finland

VALO Hotel & Work enables a safe space where events can take place simultaneously live, hybrid and online. Read more about the wonderful SPOT Awards gala at VALO!

VALO Hotel & Work is a unique event space where events can take place simultaneously live, hybrid and online.

This unique concept was realized for the first time in Finland at VALO February 18th, 2021 at the SPOT Awards gala. Participants followed along the gala, taking place at our inner courtyard, from their own private rooms though a live stream and the windows.

“VALO is an innovative event facility for its customers. Together with SPOT Ry, we were able to organize a spectacular event safely mid corona. The VALO facilities offer unique opportunities for organizing remote events,” explains VALO Sales Director Miia Antila.

“The framework was wonderful for an unusual event! We were able to organize a safe event despite the ongoing epidemic, since everything at VALO was handled with grace and expertise,” compliments SPOT Ry President Risto Oksanen.

The hotel’s enclosed inner courtyard was the main stage for the event, while the guests celebrated the night away safely in their private 2-person rooms. The gala program was streamed live to the room TVs. All the rooms used for the event were placed around the courtyard, so event guests could both see the gala and other guests in their rooms across the courtyard, from their room window. All guests and participants could really connect and raise their glasses together. Dinner was served directly to the rooms where tables were set for the occasion beforehand and cold drinks were awaiting in the minibars. While signing up for the event, guests could also book a hotel stay for after the event. For these guests the VALO house keeping transformed the event room into a hotel room for the night.

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