Staycation: Helsingin Sanomat rated five hotels in Helsinki

Following the corona years, perhaps the greatest tourism summer in history is underway in Finland, as evidenced by increased occupancy in domestic hotels. Helsingin Sanomat evaluated five unique and interesting hotels in Helsinki in July. VALO Hotel & Work was one of them.


Which hotels were rated and how?

Four other hotels in Helsinki were tested in addition to VALO Hotel, including the Hotel Torni in the city’s center, the Sokos Hotel in Tripla shopping mall in Pasila,  Hotel Rantapuisto which is located in Eastern Helsinki, and the Clarion, known mainly as a hotel with a swimming pool.

The experiment took place in July, and each hotel provided a double room for one night.

The evaluations were made using the “Staycation” theme, in which the reporter spent the night and took a mini holiday in her home town.

The services provided by hotels piqued the jury’s curiosity in Helsingin Sanomat. The examination mainly analyzed if the amenities provided raise the hotel experience above daily living and whether the hotel’s general ambiance encourages visitors to stay there.

A night in a “dual-use hotel”: the wellness area and the hotel breakfast are praised

“In Hotel VALO, you can quickly move from one state of mind to another. In the lobby, there are many locations suitable for efficient laptop typing. On the roof terrace, on the other hand, you can relax in a cozy log sauna. ”

(From a story in Helsingin Sanomat)

During July, a Helsingin Sanomat reporter stayed in VALO’s Comfort room class, which is designed for 1-4 people and a maximum of three adults. In addition to the hotel room, during the visit we also got to know the dual-use concept of VALO’s premises, which is easily noticeable not only in separate work spaces but also in all of VALO’s hotel rooms.

In Helsingin Sanomat’s assessment of VALO, it gets the most praise for its views from the wellness department, its vegan options for breakfast, and its granola, which the author of the article describes as the crunchiest he has ever tasted.

VALO’s hotel room may seem a bit too compact for the overnight guests at first, but on the other hand, after a night spent in the hotel, the feeling is so relaxed that the author of the story had challenges in his own words to getting into an energetic working mood the next working day.

The spaciousness of the lobby, the interior solutions that create a harmonious atmosphere and the small details found in, for example, log saunas and hotel rooms also deserve their own mention.

The editor of Helsingin Sanomat sums up the best aspects of his hotel experience as follows:

“There was a peaceful harmony everywhere, which was born from the open space, the light, and the natural color and material choices. The log sauna even had a wooden funnel and bucket. ”

Is staycation worth it?

The sharp increase in gasoline prices, as well as price increases caused by inflation, such as at the grocery store, have caused many Finnish travelers to reconsider their vacation plans and spending habits.

If the goal is to keep costs as low as possible, a so-called staycation, or a mini-vacation to your own town or its surroundings, may be considered.

Even a relaxing night in a hotel, away from the stresses of everyday life, can quickly provide a sense of relaxation and the illusion of a “real vacation.” A staycation is definitely a type of vacation worth considering if you want even a brief break from your hectic schedule.

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