Nokeval is an active user of VALO’s workspaces

“All in all: at VALO, things work, and the customer is served with a great attitude. As a customer, you always feel welcome when you arrive at VALO – just like coming home!”


Short introduction of Nokeval

Nokeval Oy is a Finnish company that develops, manufactures and sells intelligent IoT measuring devices and related cloud service systems to improve the customer’s and condition monitoring processes. The company’s customers operate, e.g. in construction, environment, food preparation and hygiene, as well as in primary industry, domestically and globally.

Nokeval is a family business and it was founded in 1980. The company has its electronics production facility at Nokia. Device and cloud service development services and administration can also be found under the same roof. Nokeval currently has approximately 40 employees, and the turnover in 2021 was about 4.6 million euros.

Workspace solution was found at VALO Work.

Nokeval ended up in VALO Work’s facilities based on the offered service set. This wide variety of services made it possible to tailor a suitable and flexible package for Nokeval’s unique workspace needs.

“We started looking for a workspace solution in spring 2021 based on our needs and certain criteria. What VALO Work was able to offer sounded suitable for us and something that we were looking for. We tailored and negotiated throughout the spring and summer, and eventually, pieces came together, and our journey together was able to begin”, describes Nokeval’s Sales Coordinator Lotta Sanneh.

Versatile usage of spaces and services

The employees of Nokeval, who has been a customer of VALO Work for a long time, are using a permanent office, where their workers have adjustable eclectic tables. Along with this office room, the business is using VALO’s spaces in a fairly versatile way.

“We are using one permanent office room and have ten coworking day passes purchased for our employees visiting VALO. We also use the open coworking space and book meeting rooms when needed.”

Like many other VALO Work customers, Sanneh mentions that all services are easily found under just one roof. Along with facility usage, Nokeval also uses many of VALO’s other services, such as restaurants, hotel accommodations and meeting and events services.

“We order catering from VALO’s Bistro ELO restaurant for meetings and negotiations. We also use other restaurant services as having breakfast and lunch is easy under the same roof.”

“We also use the accommodation services as VALO’s concept was designed so that the customer can easily work inside the hotel for a day and stay for a night. This works perfectly for us. The parking hall is a bonus as there is always space available.”

“VALO’s facilities also allow arranging events and meetings with our customers. We have also arranged our company’s Christmas parties there.”

It’s like coming home.

A versatile set of services and good location are things that Sanneh wants to point out. An accessible site along Mannerheimintie makes it simple to travel between the centre of Helsinki and Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

“VALO’s services and the whole concept are responding perfectly to our needs and the criteria that we had set: easiness, all the services under the same roof, modern facilities, which serve our needs in many different ways and a great location, which makes it easy to travel anywhere. It is so easy to come here.”

A homely atmosphere makes it fun to come to Work and invite customers for meetings.

“We also see that VALO’s nicely modern concept is helping us with our business brand. Inviting customers for meetings at VALO is nice, and we employees also valuate the contemporary workspaces that support modern working life.”

In addition to the facilities, special thanks also go to the community spirit of the facilities and Jarkko Asikainen, who works as the host of Work, and has become a vital part of VALO Work’s customer service and happiness.

“At VALO, we value the smoothness of things, the sense of community and the ease of doing everything. We want to mention Jarkko, the heart of VALO and is ready to help, guide with a smile, with his personality and musical eye for the game.”

When everything works, and it’s comfortable to come to the workspaces for both Work and meetings, a homely atmosphere is also guaranteed.

“All in all: at VALO, things work, and the customer is served with a great attitude. As a customer, you always feel welcome when you arrive at VALO – just like coming home!”

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