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Mothers in Business organized a child-friendly event at VALO

“I can gladly recommend VALO’s facilities for those looking for a meeting location.”

Mothers in Business organized a mentoring event at VALO’s meetings and events facilities.  Read the interview of Nanna Pikkarainen, who was in charge of managing the meeting, and Salla Viren, who took part in the event.


Mothers in Business

Mothers in Business is a network for women specializing in combining work and family life, which five mothers founded from Espoo in 2014. Today, the popular network already operates in 11 different locations.

MiB organized its child-friendly networking event at VALO’s first-floor Lounge & Bar SUO. SUO can be reserved for private events when the restaurant is closed.

“We organized a live meeting of our mentoring program in September. There were members of our mentoring program, and our speaker was Satu Berlin. The event also included networking, ” describes Nanna Pikkarainen, the Project Manager responsible for the event’s planning phase.

About 20 people participated in the event. The atmospheric SUO is particularly suitable for networking meetings, as the space allows you to move around and chat in groups of different sizes. Presentation materials can be easily distributed to the entire audience on the big screen.

The event, in collaboration with VALO

Mothers in Business was looking for a partner for their event space that would support their values. Nanna Pikkarainen had come across VALO on social media.

“I surveyed a couple of options and approached the premises from the point of view that we would get the premises to rent free of charge. To our delight, VALO managed to organize an event without renting space while supporting MiB’s activities. I had seen pictures on social media of events organized [at VALO], and the areas looked great. ”

VALO received praise from Nanna Pikkarainen for good customer service during the design phase. On the other hand, Salla Viren, who was involved in the event, thanked VALO for the success. “Arriving at the hotel was easy, and the staff was very helpful and available if necessary, even during the event. We had checked even before the event’s start that everything was in order and that we got the equipment working.”

The child-friendliness of event services is particularly important to Mothers in Business.

“The hotel staff was very child-friendly, and I also had my 4-year-old child with me at the event due to childcare challenges. He also liked the hotel extremely much and has hoped we would come to your hotel as a customer and simultaneously test the praised wellness area on the roof platform. The special diets offered at the event were well detailed, and I quickly got more information from the kitchen when I asked.” Describes Viren.

“The event went well, and I can happily recommend your premises to other people looking for a meeting place”, concludes Salla Viren.

Nanna Pikkarinen dared to add that there is a desire to organize events at VALO again.

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