VALO Work serial tickets

With VALO Work’s series tickets, you can easily get office rooms and facilities at the desired time and for certain needs. By purchasing series tickets, you always get at least a 10% discount on all prices.

Smart serial tickets 35,10€/day

The series ticket includes VALO Work’s coworking facilities and a private office room for a day. The offices can be booked in advance easily online with the company identifier.

The serial tickets are valid for 12 months from the purchase of the series ticket and are sold in batches of at least ten series tickets.

Prices (including 10% discount):

10 day passes: 351€ + VAT 24%
30 day passes: 1053 € + VAT 24%
60 day passes: 2106 € + VAT 24%


Coworking day passes 18€/day

An inspiring work environment for the day! VALO Work’s coworking day passes give you access to high-quality and versatile co-working spaces from the inspiring coworking office in Helsinki.

Day passes are sold in serial ticket lots of at least ten passes and are valid for 12 months from the time of purchase.

Prices (including 10% discount):

10 day passes: 180 € + VAT 24%
30 day passes: 540 € + VAT 24%
60 day passes: 1080 € + VAT 24%


Comfort serial tickets 67,50€/day

Work comfortably in VALO Work’s Comfort offices, where you can find everything you need for a comfortable and versatile working day. Comfort offices and workrooms with couches are an excellent choice for work teams of 2-3 people who want to enjoy working in ergonomic spaces.

Prices (including 10% discount):

10 day passes: 675 € + VAT 24%
30 day passes: 2025 € + VAT 24%
60 day passes: 4050 € + VAT 24%



VALO Work is a unique modern office space concept where each customer gets their own private workroom for the day. You can spend a truly comfortable working day safely in one-person study rooms and sofa beds. The offices have an ergonomic office chair, a 49″ monitor with connectors, a private bathroom with a shower, a kettle, tea and coffee.

Sofvaneukkari have a sofa and a laptop table instead of an office chair and desk; it is perfect for remote meetings. You can also order Bistro ELO’s delicious lunch and coffee services to the study room. VALO has a mask recommendation in all public spaces.


VALO Work is a relaxed and inspiring coworking office in Helsinki, Ruskeasuo. The office is located on the 2nd floor of VALO, where you will find a cozy communal coworking area, a relaxed workspace, and a quiet workspace. Jarkko, VALO Work’s host, serves customers in practical matters in the lobby. You can get free coffee, tea, and water from the area. When you’re hungry, the Scandi-style Bistro ELO on the ground floor of VALO serves vegetarian and fish-focused food.

Welcome to VALO!

You can easily reach VALO by car to VALO’s paid parking garage (entrance at Nauvontie 10) and by public transport to the Ruskeasuo pit stop.

In addition to workspaces, VALO has a hotel, meeting and event services, and two restaurants.

VALO Hotel & Work
Mannerheimintie 109, 00280 Helsinki

VALO Smart työhuone


Coworking spaces and small office from €299/month

Sign an affordable monthly contract with VALO Work and work in the cosy and communal coworking spaces at VALO and a 1-2 person private office whenever you feel like it! The monthly contract covers workspaces for 1-2 people.

VALO Hotel & Workin kokoustilat Helsingissä


Coworking spaces and a big office starting from €499/month.

Purchase an affordable monthly subscription to VALO Work and work in the cosy and collaborative coworking spaces of VALO and an office for up to 6 people when it suits you! The basic monthly subscription covers workspace for 1-4 people.



Coworking facilities from €149/month

Work in comfortable and communal co-working spaces at VALO whenever it suits you! Your well-being is handled with a high-quality gym and logs saunas included in the monthly subscription.

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