How does a working day look like at VALO? Watch the video

Spend a successful working day at VALO! A large number of companies in various fields already work in our premises in Helsinki. Here you can work focusedly in the office, sparring with your team in our coworkingspaces and organize meetings inside high quality facilities.


VALO Hotel & Work renewed the perception of space, combined work and accommodation under one roof. Many top experts in various working fields already work inside our premises. Here you will be able focus inside your own high-quality office, spar with your team in stunning common areas and arrange meetings in world-class event spaces.

Best of all, you can also relax in the rooftop wellness area, have a nutritious lunch at Bistro ELO and enjoy a drink at Bar SUO at the end of the day.

Watch our demonstration video to see how a working day looks like in VALO!