Slush 2022 in Helsinki

The international technology and growth company event Slush has been held in Helsinki since 2008. The Helsinki Expo and Convention Center has been the venue for the event since 2014. The 2022 Slush will also be held at the Expo and Convention Center on November 17-18.


What is Slush?

Slush brings together international growth companies, investors, and the media and helps companies find growth drivers. The event will feature a lot of public figures, inspirational speeches, and numerous large international companies. During Slush, several side events are also organized around Helsinki.

Slush’s main goal is to bring together international growth companies, investors, and the media. The purpose of the event is to help entrepreneurs succeed and raise their companies to be the best in the world in their own industry.

Although there are a lot of startup companies in Slush, a lot of international companies are also seen at the event, which includes, e.g., Amazon, Google, Alibaba, and Rakuten. For example, these companies have a habit of visiting the event every year. In just a few years, Slush has become one of Europe’s leading growth company events.

Slush’s arrangements are handled by a non-profit community made up of, among others, investors, entrepreneurs, students, and volunteers. Slush has also expanded its operations in the startup field by producing the Soaked by Slush online media publication and maintaining its own Slush Academy training program.

The relatively young Miika Huttunen has been Slush’s CEO since February 2020, having joined Slush as a volunteer in 2014. Miki Kuusi (2011–2015), Riku Mäkelä (2015–2016), Marianne Vikkula (2016–2018), and Andreas Saari (2018–2020) preceded Huttunen.

About 4,200 startup founders and operators, 2,200 investors, 400 media representatives, and 12,000 curios minds are expected to attend Slush in 2022.

Hanki liput

You can purchase Slush 2022 tickets on the event’s own website.

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