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May Day brunch 2022 in Helsinki

May Day picnics and brunches have traditionally been an essential part of May Day celebrations in Helsinki. This year, Bistro ELO has a May Day brunch, which allows you to have a picnic in comfort indoors. The restaurant offers many tasty savory and sweet options that make it easy to indulge in the atmosphere of May Day.


May Day brunch in a tradition of the spring celebration

In the coming weekend we will once again be celebrating May Day, which we know especially as a celebration for students and workers. The opening ceremony of the spring has traditionally been celebrated with a delicious May Day brunch, which gives the celebration of May Day an excellent and nutritious start. It is nice to go to the May Day brunch with the whole family or a group of friends and after the meal to continue the day’s other activities or events.

Tasty May Day brunch at Bistro ELO

If you are still planning this year’s May Day brunch, we definitely recommend checking out Bistro ELO’s spring brunch offer. At ELO Brunch you will find everything you need for a sunny picnic, this time indoors. Brunch is served on May Day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Table reservations are recommended to be made in advance online. Additional inquiries: / 010 340 4004

May Day brunch menu 44 € / person

  • Roasted musk pumpkin, walnuts and lemon (V, G),
  • Ceasar salad (V, G),
  • Apple quinoa and spinach (V, G),
  • Smoked vendaces (L, G)
  • Gin-juniper herring (L, G) and Garlic herring (L, G)
  • New potatoes and dill butter (L, G)
  • Caramelized pork ribs (L, G)
  • Drip bread (L), May Day donuts (L),
  • Cheese selection (G),
  • Lime-white chocolate cheesecake (L, G) and
  • Vappusima (mead) (V, G)

M=milk free, L=lactose free, G=gluten free

Price: 44€/person, children (4-12 years) 2€/per age year

Happy May Day!