Lunch in Helsinki

The removal of restrictions has had a positive effect, especially on restaurants in Helsinki. Demand for lunches, especially during the week, has recently increased as telecommuting in the workplace has ended and people have returned, at least in part, back to work. In this article, we present a little about Bistro ELO’s lunch in Helsinki and what a good lunch consists of.


Lunch in Helsinki is often cheaper than dinner

At lunchtime in Helsinki restaurants, it is usually possible to eat much cheaper than, for example, dinner. This is mainly due to the fact that competition for so-called everyday lunches has increased in terms of both prices and food quality.

Indeed, many of Helsinki’s restaurants offer high-quality dishes that change every few days and are tasty, but a little simpler than the À la carte dishes offered in the evening.

Many restaurants in Helsinki offer a simple buffet lunch, which usually includes a few main course options, a salad buffet, breads, drinks and dessert coffee or tea.

Bistro ELO’s lunch in Helsinki

Where to find a lunch restaurant in Helsinki? One good option is Bistro ELO in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki, which serves a buffet lunch from Monday to Friday. ELO’s lunch could be summed up in all its simplicity in five main points that are colorful, fresh, seasonal, tempting and plentiful.

“At Bistro ELO, the food must be recognizable, clear-tasting and beautifully presented.” says Annina Roiha, ELO’s kitchen manager.

ELO’s popular lunch buffet (€ 11.30 / person) includes two different main dishes, one of which is always a vegetarian option. The lunch also includes a salad buffet and a selection of high-quality breads. There is also a daily changing portion of fish for € 25 per person.

You can learn more about the changing lunch menu on Bistro ELO website.


Come to Bistro ELO for a lunch

Bistro ELO serves a high-quality buffet lunch in Helsinki from Monday to Friday from 11 am.