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Bistro ELO’s summer lunch

Bistro ELO’s popular lunch will make a comeback as a special summer menu will be available from week 28 onwards.


Summer lunch available from week 28 onwards

Bistro ELO’s popular lunch makes a comeback in week 28, when a special summer lunch list will replace the lunch buffet, which remains closed until 7th of August.

Summer lunch list

Beef patty 180g, tomatoes, marinated red onion, pickled cucumber, cheddar and sriracha mayonnaise
Also available as vegan and/or gluten free

SALMON SOUP 14€ / 21€ (L, G)
Creamy salmon soup and bread


Naturel 14€
Grilled chicken and asparagus 17€
Smoked salmon, pickled cucumbers and dried tomatoes 17€
Also available as gluten free

Lunch drinks:

Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Jaffa, 7up 0,33l 3€
Lunch wine 7€/12cl
Lapin Kulta Pure organic beer 0,33l 7,5€
Lahden erikois US Wheat beer 0,33l 9,2€
Vallilan panimo Huivi Bohemian Pilsner 0,33l 10€
Happy Joe Organic Dry Apple/Pear cider 8,8€

Coffee 3,5€
Tea 3,5€
Cappuccino 3,9€
Latte 4,9€
Espresso 3€’

Cold Brew Latte 5€
Cold Brew Mocha 5€
Cold Brew Ginger Ale 5€
Cold Brew Lemonade 5€

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri 12.00 – 16
Sat 13.30 – 16
Sun closed

Additional information:

+358 10 340 4004