VALO Work’s Jarkko gained experience in many European hotels

“I chose my earlier jobs so that I could easily reach the ocean and surf. Luckily the jobs were also nice and I always liked them a lot.”


Jarkko Asikainen is a familiar face to many who have visited VALO Work’s premises. A happy and warm-hearted person greets the Work members and works hard all the time to guarantee the best possible customer experience. The work lounge stays clean and if anyone has any problems, Jarkko rushes to help.

Jarko has been familiar with the hotel industry for more than 10 years. He moved to VALO from Clarion Hotel in Jätkäsaari, where he worked at the reception for 5 years. Before that, Jarkko worked in several different hotels all over Europe.

“I used to choose my workplace so that it was easy to get to the sea and surf! Fortunately, the workplaces were always nice and I enjoyed them a lot. ”

“From a young age, I have been interested in the cultures of different countries and meeting new people. Through that, I have always liked customer service work. It was nice to see what kind of work culture and customer service there is in different countries. I believe that a lot has been learned from my current job as well. ”

At VALO Work, Jarkko works as a work host. The job description includes customer service, managing the availability and costs of workspaces, invoicing, cleaning and hosting meeting services.

“Sometimes I always go and help at the restaurant and reception. I like this job because it’s so versatile. No need to stay still and work in just one place! ”

“A nice, familiar core community has been formed here at VALO Work. Work members as well as their own colleagues are often met around coffee machines. It’s nice to exchange news and talk about things other than work. Many people look at the screens to see what all the companies can be found here and it’s nice to notice as the number grows. Corona Time has contributed to larger events among members and hopefully more will be held in the future!

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