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Midsummer 2022 – Events in Helsinki

Summer 2022 will officially start in a couple of days when May turns into June and, for example, school summer holidays start. One of the highlights of Finland’s summer is Juhannus at the end of June, which is also known to us as the Midsummer Festival.


Midsummer 2022 at VALO

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When is midsummer?

Juhannus is a midsummer celebration celebrated in the vicinity of the summer solstice on Friday and Saturday, between June 19th  and 25th. This summer, Midsummer will be celebrated between June 24 and June 25, 2022.

Midsummer was originally an ancient celebration that has its roots in hundreds of years past. Midsummer is associated with churchhood by the celebration of midsummer in memory of the birthday of John the Baptist, who was reportedly born six months before Jesus.

Midsummer is sometimes used, especially in southwestern Finland, to make the slightly lesser-known term “measure”. The term in question is derived from the Swedish word “midsommar”, which means midsummer.

Midsummer celebration in Finland

Midsummer is almost as important as the holiday of midwinter Christmas. Finnish midsummer celebrations essentially include cottages, sauna, raising the Finnish flag, various midsummer activities, and burning the midsummer bonfires.

In addition, many midsummer festivals are held throughout Finland during midsummer. In the summer of 2022, Finland will return to the old norm at a rapid pace, and traditional midsummer festivals such as Himoksen Juhannus and Rauma Sea Juhannus will return to the program.

Midsummer 2022 events in Helsinki

Helsinki has become known as a beautiful summer city, which also attracts people to celebrate midsummer in the city. Many interesting events are held in Helsinki this midsummer as well, which means that spending the middle of summer is nice in the more urban environment as well.

Midsummer bonfires in Helsinki

Burning bonfires has traditionally been part of the Finnish Midsummer tradition. In addition to cottage beaches, bonfires are also commonly burned in many cities, and this also applies to Helsinki.

In Helsinki, Midsummer bonfires have usually been burned in at least the following places:

  • Kaivopuiston ranta
  • Lauttasaaren kokkokallio
  • Seurasaari
  • Karjalaisten kesäkoti

With regard to Midsummer bonfires, it is worth noting that they cannot be burned if the current forest fire warnings prohibit it. Over the years, several midsummer celebrations have been held in Helsinki, when no bonfires have been burned at all.

So far, at least the Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires 2022 event has been announced. The event which includes entertaining music and dance performances, which makes it a perfect event for people of all ages. The event returns to the Helsinki Midsummer schedule after a two-year break.

The youngest members of the family can spend time with, for example, the dog performance Karelia, a magic trail, and a children’s midsummer pole. Adults can also take part in the fun, for example in midsummer dances or spend time in a traditional cart sauna.

Location of the event: Seurasaaren ulkomuseo
Time of the event: 24.6.2022 klo 17-01

Stadin Juhannus 2022

Stadin Juhannus will be held on the island of Lonna as a two-day event on the 24th and 25th of June. Ten minutes away from the Market Square, the island will be able to enjoy a maritime midsummer atmosphere and a diverse group of top Finnish performers, as well as the hottest rising names.

The last time the event was held in 2019 was sold out in advance and there were about 3,500 visitors at the time enjoying the sunny weather.

Location of the event: Lonnan saari
Time of the event: The event is open on Friday, June 24 2022, from 15:00 to 23:30 and on Saturday, June 25 2022, from 14:00 to 23:30. The concerts on the terrace stage will end at 10 pm. Indoors, the program will continue until 11:30 pm. The call schedule for the event will be announced later.

Emma’s Midsummer Cruise

The SunLines Midsummer cruise, launched from the Market Square, takes participants to the stunning seascapes of the Helsinki archipelago and unique Midsummer celebrations that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

At the four-hour Midsummer party, the DJ plays the most popular hits from the 1970s to the present day.

Location of the event: Helsingin saaristo, lähtö Kauppatorin Linnanlaiturilta
Time of the event: 24.6.2022 klo 18-22

Altaan Juhannus 2022

The Allas Sea Pool will host a two-day Midsummer event, with the main performers on Friday, June 24. STIG and Ida Paul and Kalle Lindroth, known as the most popular musical duo in Finland on Midsummer’s Day, June 25, 2022.

Allas Sea Pool’s Midsummer is part of the summer 2022 ALLAS LIVE, which consists of a series of more than fifty summer gigs that will take place in the seascapes of Katajanokka in the courtyard of the Allas Sea Pool.

Location of the event: Katajanokanlaituri 2a, 00160 Helsinki
Time of the event: 24.6.2022 ja 25.6.2022, the doors open on both days at 6 p.m.

Korjaamo Midsummer 2022

If you like Finnish rock music, it is worth visiting Korjaamo on the eve of Midsummer, where for the second year in a row, you can find a Midsummer event starring Tuomari Nurmio, Spuget, and Blosarit.

Tuomari Nurmio, aka Dumari, has been one of the messengers of Finnish rock music since the late 1970s, and the pace of this gentleman has not slowed down to this day. During his more than 40-year career as an artist, Tuomari Nurmio has released a total of 20 studio albums, which have also garnered many Finnish recognitions, the most significant of which is the only Eino Leino Literary Prize awarded to a rock musician.

In addition to Tuomari Nurmio, Spuget is formed by Make Hillilä on drums, Mitja Tuurala on double bass and Miikka Paatelainen on guitar. Blosarit, on the other hand, consists of Janne Toivonen, who plays the tuba and trombone, and Antti Hynninen, a saxophonist.

Time of the event: Friday, June 24, 2022 from 8 p.m.
Location: Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo, Töölönkatu 51 B, 00250 Helsinki

We Love Helsinki Midsummer Ball 2022

We Love Helsinki Midsummer Dances connect the clubs of Kuudes Linja and Kaiku and the outdoor terrace of Kuistinen in Kallio. It is a three-day event that kicks off on Thursday with a kickstart to Midsummer and then continues with the actual Midsummer balls, which take place both on Friday and Saturday.

As usual, there is a mixed search throughout Midsummer, and in keeping with the spirit of the midsummer celebration, both sparkling drinks and cold beer and other refreshments suitable for the theme are also available.

From the dance people, the organizers want a festive dress for the old-fashioned model, and in honor of Midsummer, special attention should be paid to the flowers that crown the outfit.

Time of the event:

Thursday 23.6. at 21-03 Midsummer Dance Early Departure – Kuudes Linja
Friday 24.6. 18-22 Midsummer Eve Stage Dances – Kaiku
Friday 24.6. 22-04: 30 Midsummer Eve Dances – Kuudes Linja & Kaiku
Saturday 25.6. 18-22 Midsummer Eve Swing Dances – Kaiku
LA 25.6. at 22-04: 30 Dances at the end of Midsummer’s Day – Kuudes Linja & Kaiku

Location: Kuudes Linja, Hämeentie 13 B, 00530 Helsinki and Kaiku, Kaikukatu 4, 00530 Helsinki

Check out all the events on Midsummer weekend

A large number of other events, not directly related to Midsummer, are also held in Helsinki over the midsummer weekend. You can find out more about these events, for example, in the events calendar of the City of Helsinki.

New Midsummer events will also be updated in this text as they are published.

Midsummer hotel accommodation in Helsinki

Hirsisauna Helsingissä

The VALO Hotel & Work is located along excellent transport connections in Helsinki’s Ruskeasuo, which makes our hotel an excellent base for the Midsummer weekend. From here, you can easily visit Helsinki’s Midsummer events with your own car, public transport, or even city bikes.

VALO’s popular wellness area also invigorates our guests in the Midsummer atmosphere with whirlpools, cold water and swimming pools, as well as traditional Finnish log saunas. During the weekend, you can also enjoy refreshing drinks and live music on our magnificent rooftop terrace.

Spend a traditional Finnish Midsummer at VALO Hotel. VALO’s Midsummer accommodation package includes several nights in the Smart Room category at a great package price: € 250 / 2 people / 3 nights or € 180 / 2 people / double.


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