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Easter 2022 events in Helsinki

Easter 2022 is once again a time period when our society is moving one step closer to the old normal again. Of course, this also means that the amount of events will start to increase again all over Finland. There will also be many different events in Helsinki during Easter week, which we will present in more detail in this text.


American Car Show

The American Car Show, traditionally held on Easter weekend, will once againt take its place in Helsinki at its normal time.

Over the years, the exhibition presenting traditional American cars has expanded from small niche audience to Finland’s largest car-related event and, with it, more and more to an Easter event for the whole family.

At the American Car Show, you can admire top-notch restored and true craftsmanship gems in the form of the traditional American styled cars. Exhibition cars will arrive from Finland and also from the rest of the world. Only the most spectacular individuals have been selected for the festive exhibition.

The exhibition also provides a great setting for motorcycle lovers, as MC Heaven brings together the most powerful and stunning motorcycles in the nation from many different decades. MC Heaven’s exhibition has been compiled for years by the two largest media outlets in the motorcycle industry: Copter Magazine and Bomber Magazine.

On the Tuning Car Show, guests can enjoy the sporty, modern and, above all, unique cars that result from numerous hours of craftsmanship.

The Classic Car Show is carried out in cooperation with the Finnish Association for Vehicle History – SAHK ry! The exhibition features the finest classic cars, a variety of mobilist clubs and industry representatives!

Other exhibitions on display at the American Car Show include the Custom Truck Show, which consists of trucks and transport equipment, the Classic Car Show, a classic of its name, and Motorsport, which brings together all the exhibition content related to motorsports.

American Car Show opening hours (April 15-17, 2022):

Friday, April 15, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday, April 16, 2022 from 10:00 to 18:00
Sunday, April 17, 2022 from 10:00 to 18:00

Tickets for the event can be purchased both in advance online and directly from the event’s ticket sales office. Tickets bought in advance are a bit cheaper in terms of price, which makes it worthwhile for participants to obtain their tickets well in advance. By doing so, you can also avoid queuing up for the event itself.

Via Crusis 2022

Via Crucis (the way of suffering) is a parade held in Helsinki every year specifically for Easter. This theater parade, as its name implies, is a symbol of Jesus ’ suffering on his journey to his crucifixion.

The parade is a kind of street theater, which is attended by more than a hundred professional and amateur actors who perform this parade every year. The parade has traditionally been seen by as many as 15,000 people. The ecumenical association Via Crucis – Ristin Tien Tuki ry, in co – operation with the Helsinki Cathedral Parish, is in charge for arranging the Easter play.

The event starts at Kaisaniemi Park and moves to Säätytalo and Senate Square. The play will be held this year on Saturday 16.4 and will start at 9 p.m.

Via Crusis route:

The route of Via Crusis has traditionally passed through Kaisaniemi Park and the Bank of Finland to the steps of the Cathedral, where the event culminates in the crucifixion of Jesus.

Kaisaniemi at 9 pm, duration 40 min
Transfer to the Bank of Finland, approximately 10–15 min
Bank of Finland, approx. 21.50, duration 20 min
Transfer to the Cathedral approx. 5–10 min
Cathedral, approx. 22.15, duration approx. 15 min

Trip to the winter garden

Stadi residential building Pihlajamäki will organize a trip to the winter garden on Wednesday, 13th of April. During the trip it is possible to admire many exotic plants. The winter garden contains more than 200 different plants, such as palms, cactus and other succulents, old-fashioned houseplants and, among other things, about 130 years old camel wood. Easter lilies and tulips also bloom at Easter. In addition to the plants, visitors will be delighted by a carp swimming in a pool.

Departure for the trip will take place from the residential building on Wednesday 13.4. at 11.30. Access to the winter garden is free of charge, but the journey is organized by bus, which is a paid service.

UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra

Jazz music can be enjoyed in Helsinki both on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra’s traditional Easter concerts will be held on Thursday at the Music Hall and on Friday night at Mikael Agricola Church.

It is a long-standing tradition, as the orchestra has given concerts on the theme of Silent Music for more than 20 years. For many listeners, this has also become a true tradition of the Easter week.

You can find out more about the content of UMO Helsinki’s concerts on the website.

J. S. Bach: Matteus-passion

On Maundy Thursday, Helsinki’s St. John’s Church will host the Finnish Song and the Finnish Baroque Orchestra’s masterpiece Matthew’s Passion by J. S. Bach. This is a very long Easter tradition, as the Suomen Laulu organization has performed this particular work during Easter week ever since 1921. However, the long-standing tradition was broken last year as the long waited 00th anniversary performance had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

Martina Batič from Slovenia will conduct the concert, while Kristian Lindroos (Jesus, baritone), Niall Chorell (evangelist, tenor), Johanna Isokoski (soprano), Iris Oja (alto), Eero Lasorla (tenor) and Visa Kohva (bass) will be the soloists. Esko Kallio is responsible for coaching the choir, he has been conducting Suomen Laulu since 2002.

In addition to Suomen Laulu, the passion includes CandoMinin, a children’s and youth choir composed of young singers from the Helsinki Conservatory and the singers of the Kannelkellot Choir.

Easter bonfires at Seurasaari

On Saturday, Seurasaari, will be holding a traditional event in form of Easter bonfires. The traditional event will be held at the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum’s festive field.

It is a long-standing tradition based on the old belief that the evening of the wire Saturday is the most ominous time of the year during which it is good to burn bonfires.

Live fire and bitter smoke have once been believed to keep witches and trolls, who are threatening on spoiling the harvesting and livestock of that particular year. The burning of the bonfire was also intended to ensure a good harvest next summer and a rich supply from the cattle side.

The burning of the bonfires will start at the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum’s festive field with the burning of a smaller one starting at 6.30 pm.The actual Easter bonfire is then lit a bit later.

A lot of nice side events have been put together in connection with the burning of the Easter bonfires, which makes the event very suitable for families with children too.

Easter punk

For lovers of punk music, a real treat is offered on Saturday, when you can listen to many classic bands and newer groups at Paasitorni.

In the ballroom of Paasitorni – Byggan – the performers are e.g. Radiopuhelimet and Terveet Kädet, both of which are true legends in the domestic punk scene. Maukka Perusjätkä, a classic of the new wave of the late 1970s, is also present. More modern production is available, for example, in the form of Hero Dishonest’s production.

Below the floor in Paasiravintola you can also hear a mix of old and new punk music. The stage will feature the legendary band Vaavi and many newer punk bands.

MIAU! Easter at the puppet show

For the smaller members of the family, there will be fun entertainment on Monday 18 April, when the Easter themed play takes place at the popular MIAU! Puppet show.

The Easter theme presentation presents folk traditions and beliefs related to the holidays in a fast-paced puppet theater program. The performance includes rhymes, poems and songs, diverse puppetry skills and humor for all ages. The performance lasts a total of about 45 minutes.

Easter week is an active time for puppet theater anyway, as the shows are held at a brisk pace throughout the week. The venue will be the Sampo Puppet Theater throughout the Easter week.

Easter fairy tale in the Winter Garden of the City of Helsinki

During the Easter week, the Easter Fairy Tale of the Winter Garden of the City of Helsinki will also take place.

The plot of the fairy tale proceeds in the Kalevala spirit and the story is about a big oak, which is also the forerunner of the Kalevala, i.e. the world tree. In the fairy tale, the big oak grows into the world from the very beginning, when the world is still being created.

The oak ends up covering the moon and the sun, and this creates darkness in the world Eventually, the sea becomes a small man dressed in brass, who fells the tree and at the same time unleashes its magical powers for the joy of the people. The topper, in turn, receives a gift of age-old magic, the ability to tell a story.

Admission to the events is free and one performance takes approximately 20 minutes.

Check out all the events of Helsinki during the Easter week

To see all the up-to-date information about the events in Helsinki during the Easter week, you can visit the events calendar of the City of Helsinki. From the event calendar, you can easily search for events with specific dates and different themes.

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