VALO Meetings - Group menus

Please tell us about the participants’ special diets and allergies. Menus and buffets are introduced below. Please note that a unanimous menu should be selected for the event.

ELO €58 / €49

Maximum 40 people
Price with the beef main course €58 or fish main course €49.

Sugar salted Atlantic salmon, crème fraîche, roe, fresh cucumber
& dark bread loaf (LF,  gluten free option available)

Grilled Finnish beef tenderloin, smoked potatoes,
caramelised onions, and a cognac and green pepper sauce (LF,  GF)


Fish of the day, burnt butter hollandaise, wok vegetables
& black rice (LF, GF)

Caramelised apple, shortbread base, vanilla ice cream
& meringue (LF,  GF)


Maximum 40 people

Roasted beetroot, sunroot, cashew nut créme
& seasonal pickled vegetables (Ve, GF)

Seasonal mushroom risotto, crispy porcino,
Finnish cream cheese foam & shiitake mushrooms (LF,  GF)

Crème Brûlée, marinated cloudberries & milk chocolate
(LF,  GF)

The Kääpä menu is available as a completely vegan version.

Tapas Selection €22

Cured ham and chorizo M, G
Selection of cheese and jam L, G
Marinated olives, jerusalem artichokes and tomato M, G
Balsamic mushrooms M, G
Melon and rocket salad M, G
Couscous salad M

Chef’s Salad Buffet €29

Minimum 10 people

Basil marinated tomatoes and olives M, G
VALO potato salad V, G
Melon and roasted nuts
Cured ham and arugula M, G
Balsamic mushrooms V, G
Dill cucumber V, G
Pickled red onion V, G
Mixed salad and lemon vinaigrette V, G
Focaccia and hummus M

Valo Buffet €42

Minimum 15 people

Couscous salad basil marinated legumes V
Gem salad, parmesan cheese and crispy bread L
VALO potato salad V, G
Smoked salmon and lime mayonnaise M, G
Shrimp skagen L, G
Duck breast and fig M, G
Mixed salad and lemon vinaigrette V, G
Selection of bread and spread L
White chocolate, raspberry and licorice VL, G

Männikkö Buffet €50

Minimum 15 people

Gremolata carrot and spinach V,G
Jerusalem artichoke, quinoa and gem salad V, G
Apple, broccoli and nuts V, G
Kale, shrimp, parmesan cheese and crispy bread L
Basil marinated tomatoes and mozzarella cheese G
Smoked salmon, potatoes and peas M, G
Duck breast and fig M, G
Mixed salad and lemon vinaigrette V, G
Selection of bread and spread L
VALO lemon tart L, G

Main Course Options
Choose one for €9,50/person
Choose 2 for €17/person

Add one or two of these main courses to your buffet of choice:

  • Grilled chicken with dark currant sauce M, G
  • Braised beef brisket with port wine sauce M, G
  • Roasted salmon with chive beurre blanc L, G
  • Basil marinated tofu with vegetables caponata V, G

All mains are served with warm seasonal sides