Dash Hack 2022 at VALO Hotel & Work

“VALO’s premises served our needs even better than expected. The rooms were great places for the teams to solve their challenges. The concept of turning a hotel room into an office in a few minutes was simply wonderful.”

Dash Design organized a spectacular Hack in a Hotel event at VALO. Read the interview with Rami Ruotsalainen and Henrik Asklöf.

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Smart Set is a business that started at VALO Work

“Many customers and partners who came to the meeting have been so impressed with VALO that Work’s services have immediately become a viable option for them as well.” VALO Work’s customer interview this time features Smart Set, a company that started its journey at VALO.

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NAPCON’s experiences of VALO’s meeting and event facilities

“VALO offers a very good package for arranging a medium to large scale company event, are happy to tailor the experience and are great to work with.We at NAPCON were very satisfied with the level of professionality of the sales and event organisation team in VALO and can warmly welcome using VALO Hotel for your meeting needs.”

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